What are the most common ERP systems used by large companies.

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This one depends on what you consider to be a large company. The number of users that are using the ERP greatly affects it, the number of transactions that are being handled, and also the long-term goals of the company. Below are the common ERP systems used by such enterprise.


This is one of the highly used.it can solve extremely complex business issues. It includes real time ERP and ability to handle big data analytics.it is mainly associated with a large enterprise which has subsidiary operations.

==oracle cloud ERP==

This is also used in such companies. It’s most applied when a company is seeking to maintain its pace with the current competitive environment. It provides a compressed joined solution which is aimed at supporting and increasing the growth of such companies. It is considered one of the best systems since it offers financial possibilities, its practical, and supports multiple currencies.

==Microsoft Dynamics AX==

It is designed to help your entire company work well with some connected systems like financials, demanding planning. It rolls out powerful ERP tools that give your teams’ smart business process to expand your business.


Selecting an ERP system is a somber exercise and has to be implemented with great care. A closely tailored effect will bring minimum disruption while assuring you the highest chances of success.